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Default Re: Modern Monster Hunting Guns [XM500, MICOR Leader 50, etc.]

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
How about running a longer .50 through the gun modification rules in TS (basically the shortening a long arm options)

This will reduce damage*, weight, acc and bulk (and increase ST and RcL if you remove the stock)
I intend to do that, but the gunsmithing rules in TS are generic. I'm looking for more precise effects. Specific firearms might have breakpoints for ST and Rcl that are affected as well, not to mention that reducing barrel length down to 18"-22" usually doesn't affect Acc for rifles.

For most firearms, reducing weight reduces required ST. Some firearms, however, are difficult to control and reducing weight actually ends up increasing required ST and/or Rcl.

Using the rules without considering sanity-checking it against experience or education of other forumites can yield me a bullpup M82 that is Bulk -4, Acc 4 and does Dmg 9d pi+. It will weigh 30/4.4 after Weight Reduction and has ST 13 and Rcl 3.

Now, I don't know if these are realistic numbers. I'm pretty sure weight could go down even more, because the M82 is massively heavy, even beyond what other .50 BMG rifles are, and we could probably dispense with some of that weight for an entry rifle. But I think that ST 13 and Rcl 3 are very optimistic numbers, especially if we do cut down weight further.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
*huh but not range (personally I'd apply the same mod to range as damage)
It should certainly reduce Range as well.
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