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Default Re: Modern Monster Hunting Guns [XM500, MICOR Leader 50, etc.]

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
there are stats for the Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf EntrY (I think it was in a Pyramid "fire-power at the movies" article)

it's 6d+1 pi+ Acc4 (it's basically the .50 "entry rifle" in Monster hunters - Champions).

It's a shorter round then the BMG so doesn't make reach your 7d+ threshold though.
Yep, recall that. The .50 Beowulf has very low velocity, though. And it's only ST 10.

In the last twenty years, plenty of awesome-but-impractical rounds have been designed by wildcatters. At least some of them are designed to be compatible with AR-15 or AR-10 firearms, at least in part. Others have been MacGuyered somehow to work in other semi-automatic designs.

And that makes them interesting to monster hunters, even if marginal or useless for real world tactical situations.
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