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Default Re: Cheat card regarding Hand requirement

Items that require the use of a hand say that they use a Hand or 2 Hands. An Item that gives you hand will say that it uses -1 Hand. Since you have 2 Hands of your own, you can use 2 Hands worth of Items. For example, let's say you have 3 Items that each use 1 Hand, and one Item which gives you a hand (i.e., uses -1 Hand). So, now you can add up the number of Hands used by your Item. We get 1 + 1 + 1 - 1 = 3 - 1 = 2, which is less than or equal to the number of Hands that you have, and that means that because of the Item that gives you a Hand (i.e., uses -1 Hand), you can use 3 Hands worth of Items.
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