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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?


I think Luther pegged it well. Here's an example fro Hackmaster:

In Hackmaster, firing into melee is a BAD THING. Everyone who is in melee with the target becomes a potential target. It is modifed by size. So, if there are 2 elves (medium) in melee with a Huge creature (like a giant) and one fires at the giant, the break down is have a 4 in 6 chance to hit the giant and 1-in-6 for either of the elves.

Here's the clencher: if you would have hit the original target, it DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE OTHER TARGETS AC IS. You automatically hit.

A munchkin would do this: Hmmm....the giant has a -4 AC. Since I would be shooting my ally from behind, his effective AC is 6. I'll AIM AT MY ALLY, PROBABLY HIT, AND HOPE THAT I HIT THE GIANT INSTEAD.

I told my table after that came up that if they tired anything like that I was pulling out the Smart Ass Smackdown Table and rolling until they were all dead.

An example quote from a Hackmaster board that exemplifies the Munchkin Attitude (about this same example):

You know, I never understood the logic of this reasoning (which I've heard many times for many different games).

If a rule is broken then it should be replaced, period.

I can't comprehend an attitude such as: OK this is allowed, but if you actually try it, I'm gonna punish you...
Oh, but the rules allow it argument! lol

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