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Default Re: Is Wild Talent a bad deal?

Originally Posted by Donny Brook View Post
Cosmic Modular Ability 2 (20) (Physical +50%, Reduced time -1 +20%, Pool cannot be divided -10%, Max Duration 30 mins -25%, Takes Recharge 1hr -30%, Only skills you don't have -20%, Net -15%) [17]
Cosmic Modular Ability 4 (40) (Mental +0, Reduced time -1 +20% Pool cannot be divided -10%, Max Duration 30m -25%, Takes Recharge 1hr -30%, Only skills I don't have -20%, Net -65%) [14]/5=[3]
TOTAL: [20]
I'd instantly rule no for this build. Just the fact that there is an explicit enhancement for Mental and Physical rules out taking one as an alternate ability for the other. In fact Alternate Abilities are basically a subset of Modular Abilities, using both together is a red flag.

But yeah, there are apparently rules legal Modular Abilities builds that outperform quite a lot of flexible traits. Modular Abilities are just not all that well balanced. Probably because writing a rule that will balance a potential do or be anything ability against everything else without making perfectly reasonable applications of it prohibitively expensive is hard, and may well be impossible even if you had pages to work with. Witness all the problems around shapeshifting. These things require some GM vetting.
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