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Thoughts on October 27th

I had a vivid dream last night, and told Olivia about it when we woke up. She and I had danced. There had been many people around, but we ignored them. The people were miserable that they didn’t get to participate in the dance, but Olivia and I had a great time. Olivia thought this dream was strange. I asked if she wanted to dance with me now, but she said no, glancing down at her bulk. That was perhaps just as well, for we were supposed to depart early.

Va’lyndra exchanged a few last words with her boss while the rest of us loaded up the horses. Va’lyndra relayed the information she received about Alvheim. It wasn’t a very prosperous town, and its peculiarity was that it had two managements, one for elves and one for non-elves.

Travel went smoothly, for we had decent weather, even though it wasn’t very warm. I practiced contortion, standing with one hand on the cantle and the other on the pommel of Marvin’s saddle until my arms were sore. We found a farm when it was getting dark, and bought provisions there, as well as somewhere safe to stay for the night.

I dove into our luggage, searching for “Silent Whispers” to have Olivia read it to me, but I only found other books: “Drama in the House of Bromstein”, “Karlus Bromstein Returns”, “Sir Peter’s Crusade Against the Cultists” and “100 Bird Species and their Characteristics”. I asked Olivia, “Where are my books? And where did all these come from? Did you raid Leopold’s private library? Some of them don’t sound dull enough for him. Was he doing research? Why did you filch them?”

Olivia put her finger on my lips to let me know I was babbling. I sucked on her finger and teased it with my tongue, allowing her to speak. “I got them in Urdon before the bandit raid. You were there with me, remember?” I murmured around her finger, “Mhm…” Olivia pulled it out. “I don’t think this is a good idea. The walls here are so thin. Can we wait until tomorrow? We can stop for a quickie as soon as we put this farm behind us.” “Yes, and we can say to the others that you have to tinkle, and I can come along and protect you from the forest,” I exclaimed eagerly. “I don’t think we’ll fool them,” Olivia concluded.

Thoughts on October 28th

I got my quickie, as promised. Ilzo offered to come with us for additional protection, but Va’lyndra held him back and whispered in his ear. Maybe she told him that she and Leopold needed protection, too. Or maybe she warned him that we’d murder him if he followed us.

After a few of hours of travel, we passed a tiny hamlet. The people there were engaged in a large construction project. It looked like they were building a harbor, far too big for their needs. Ilzo was curious as usual, but Va’lyndra thought it was obvious what they were doing, and managed to keep him going.

In the afternoon, we passed the last houses in Urdon’s sphere of interest. Now waited wilderness, although Va’lyndra and Ilzo saw signs of people traveling further. We agreed to do the usual watch routine at night.

Thoughts on October 29th

The only thing of interest today, apart from my acrobatic antics to entertain Olivia and the others, was spotting ships sailing the Silent Lake. Three of them, in total.

Thoughts on October 30th

It was the middle of the day when we started to notice buildings in the distance. Va’lyndra said we’d reach Alvheim today. She was right.

At the first farm we passed, I jumped up on the saddle and began showing off. A man sitting on the porch, smoking his pipe, knocked on the door and shouted that riders were coming from the forest. His family streamed out and stared at us. I gave them a quick show while we rode by.

The first buildings we saw were rather shabby, and there was little order in how they were placed. Already, the stench of the town assaulted our nostrils, a mixture of rotten fish and human waste. The buildings looked better constructed the farther we got, but the smell was just as bad, if not worse.

We followed the main road up from the harbor, and passed the town hall and a couple of inns. I don’t know what Va’lyndra was looking for, but Leopold said that we should prioritize finding somewhere to stay. I asked the nearest person where the best inn in town was. He gave us three names, two of which we recognized from just before. I thanked the man and we turned around.

There was nowhere to stable the horses in the town center, but the innkeeper at the Leaping Trout advised us to talk to farmers a little further out. Olivia, Va’lyndra and I took care of the baggage while Ilzo and Leopold went to find somewhere for the horses. Va’lyndra said we had to watch out for thieves.

I asked about performing at the inn. The innkeeper didn’t mind me showing for tips, but didn’t seem very enthusiastic. He hadn’t seen me perform yet. The show was well received by the locals, and the common room was packed. Tomorrow, I’ll set up my gear for a show outside. I was looking forward to that. Not so much, though, that I couldn’t stop talking when Olivia began to flirt.
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