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Default Session 37 (2020-07-05)

Thoughts on August 22nd

At breakfast, Va’lyndra informed the rest of us that she had run into an acquaintance from the knowledge guild, yesterday, and had agreed to meet up with him this morning. The dwarf would take her to the guild’s encampment, which was hidden somewhere in the forest outside the village.

When she had left, a guard walked up to our table, cleared his throat and said that his master had heard that I offered alternative favors, private entertainment, if you will. He was willing to pay ten gold pieces for a session this evening. That was a lot of money, so I accepted. “When and where?” I couldn’t live on my adventuring earnings forever. It turned out his master had taken the best rooms here at the inn, and would expect me after dinner.

The guard left to inform his master of our agreement, and I turned to other topics. I told the others I would be going to the adventurer’s guild, among other things to pay the membership fee. Ilzo and Leopold wanted to come with me, but Olivia wanted a word in private, first.

In the privacy of our room, Olivia expressed her opinion. She thought it was regrettable that I agreed to private performances when the whole village longed to see my act. We had enough money to last for a long while, so I didn’t have to take the jobs that paid the most. Olivia appealed to my long-term goal of being recognized as the world’s premier acrobat. “The more people who get to see your performances, the better,” she said. I thanked Olivia for her wisdom, and she broke our kiss after a while to impart some more sense: “Why don’t we have Ilzo bring the cancellation message? That way, we can enjoy each other’s company in the common room while he takes the brunt of the disappointment.” I pecked her cheek and we left to tell Ilzo.

Ilzo returned to the common room after a while and let us know the people in room three weren’t very polite. It was just as well I cancelled with them. I said goodbye to Olivia, who would knock on Leopold’s door to let him know Ilzo and I were heading for the guild. Olivia wasn’t a member, and anyway, she had chores.

Gnomus, the local chapter master, was happy to see us alive, and asked after Va’lyndra. We said she was fine, but busy with other errands, today. We paid our guild dues; Ilzo paid for Va’lyndra and Leopold paid for me, who had forgotten to ask Olivia for money before leaving the inn. I promised to pay him back the moment we returned to Olivia.

We reported to Gnomus that we had visited the southern forest, beating up goblins, orcs, boogeymen, kobolds and exploding trolls. I added that some of us had encountered crocodile heads, too, but that I wasn’t around for that. Gnomus asked if he could copy our map. I asked Leopold if he had written anything secret on the map. He replied that he had noted down what we’d found where, but I thought that was all right, for we had brought all the treasures and relics with us. Leopold agreed to return this evening, when Gnomus wasn’t as busy.

Ilzo left on some private errand, and I returned to the inn to have some fun with Olivia. I told her of my debt to Leopold, and she said she’d handle it.

An officer of the town watch halted me before I could begin my performance in the evening. He had received a complaint about a monster that apparently had tried to bring a message from me to a prominent merchant. I explained that it had to be a misunderstanding. Ilzo wasn’t a monster, even if he’s big and strong and looks kind of like an ogre. Being in the wilderness for most of the summer, I hadn’t practiced my smile for quite some time, but I hadn’t lost my touch. The officer agreed that it had been a misunderstanding and turned to leave, but I put a light hand on his shoulder. “Wait! I’m about to perform. Don’t you want to watch?” Having no more duties tonight, the officer sat down to enjoy the show.

Thoughts on August 23rd

Va’lyndra practically dragged me off to the adventurer’s guild this morning. I barely had time to retrieve Olivia’s money pouches before we went to shop potions. Leopold and Ilzo came too.

I had already made plans for healing potions with Olivia. As I rarely get wounded, most of my potions are used on the others when they are unconscious, and our collections still held quite a few liquid potions of healing. We were nearly out of healing salves, so I bought twenty of those. They take slightly longer to take effect, but unlike liquids, they’re completely safe to administer to unconscious patients. The price was the same, one hundred and twenty coppers. I restocked on potions of fetch and carry and potions of water breathing, buying two of each of those. I also bought three potions of flight, having seen the usefulness when Va’lyndra brought a nearly dead Ilzo out of that boogeyman village. I thought Olivia and I should have one bottle each, in case we needed to flee, and an idea occurred to me, that made me buy a third. They were frightfully expensive, at forty-seven gold per bottle, and with the other potions, it consumed a large portion of our money.

I had to buy potions for Va’lyndra, too, since I’m the only one with rank to buy advanced potions. She wanted potions of flight and potions of beast speech among other things. Ilzo and Leopold only wanted to replenish their healing potion stores, but they could do that themselves. Looking for a new bow, I checked out the notice board, but I found nothing that suited my desires.

When everyone was done shopping, we returned to the inn and fetched Olivia and the horses and all our gear. Then Va’lyndra led the way out of Urdon. She found a path leading away from the main road, and took us to the palisaded encampment of the knowledge guild. The people there welcomed Va’lyndra back. We followed some high-ranking guild member into a large tent, and he asked about the statuettes that we had for sale. Leopold corrected him, saying that we were looking to do a trade.

An expert was summoned to study our statuettes. It was the same old fellow I had met before. Va’lyndra and Leopold retrieved the two statuettes we felt we could give up. The statuette of violent chaos was still wrapped in the sheath of living wood that Va’lyndra had made, and she explained that the relic inside frightened animals, so we left the encampment to unpack it safely. Va’lyndra warned the old fellow about the dangers of messing with the statuette, and I started to send Olivia back to the encampment. Leopold suggested that I join her; we could keep an eye on the horses and the expensive equipment they carried.

I stood on Marvin’s saddle, and could just see above the palisade. Nothing exciting happened; they just looked as if they were talking, which I relayed to Olivia on the ground. Our ten horses, well, nine and a pony, gave us a bit of privacy, and Olivia and I reminisced about the old days, when we lived in Duke Leonard’s mansion.

After an hour or so, Va’lyndra rewrapped the statuette and handed it to Ilzo, who sat on it. I had hoped they would return, but they remained out there, talking for a while longer. When they finally came back, they told me they had made a deal. Someone from the guild would go and fetch Ilzo’s statuette, and we would then make the exchange. The trip would take two weeks, but I offered to do it faster. I have a very fast horse, after all. Depending on the nag the guild member would ride, and the amount of baggage they would bring, I could probably beat them on foot, but Leopold thought that it would be good for all of us to take a break from traveling.

Leopold wanted to utilize the library that the knowledge guild had brought from Garuk, and Va’lyndra wanted to spend some time with her colleagues. They’d keep Ilzo for protection, and he could be useful lifting and carrying building materials, for the guild wasn’t done building their camp, yet. I would go back to Urdon with Olivia, of course, as I could perform every day there without book people complaining that I was distracting them from their studies. Va’lyndra wanted a word with Olivia before we parted.

On our ride back to Urdon, Olivia told me that Va’lyndra had said that it was important that we didn’t reveal the location of the encampment to anyone. I told her I’d keep it in mind.

When we returned to the inn, I went for a walk alone while Olivia got us settled back in our room again. I first said hello to the innkeeper, of course, in case he had forgotten that Olivia was with me, but he remembered. I tried to locate a bowyer, but without luck. I returned in time for dinner with Olivia, and then I performed again.
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