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Default Session 36 (2020-06-07)

Thoughts on July 30th

We had traveled for a few hours, and was just taking a break, when Ilzo looked up from his saddlebags, remounted, and called “Charge!” The rest of us looked around for the threat, and Va’lyndra noted, “Burgh lions! And Ilzo is attacking them!”

I pulled out my bow and strung it with calm, but quick, practiced moves. The three monsters were three hundred meters away. Va’lyndra dismounted before stringing her bow; she doesn’t have my sense of balance, and I supposed she wasn’t planning to ride into battle. She quickly explained about burgh lions to Leopold, who suggested that we approached them with ready weapons, and let Olivia take the horses to safety. That sounded like a good idea, so I dismounted, too.

Ilzo realized that his weight, with armor and weapons, was hard on his poor horse, and decided he could run faster that it could with him on top. He jumped off and ran towards the monsters. When they spotted him and met his charge, he stopped. Having gained enough speed, the burgh lions leapt off the ground and soared towards us. Ilzo was thirty meters ahead of Va’lyndra, Leopold and me at the time, and decided he wouldn’t risk being left behind.

Va’lyndra did a spell dance while I released an arrow. I missed. The monsters were incredibly fast, and I next fired when they were only a hundred meters away. Va’lyndra and Leopold joined in with bow and lightning wand. This time, I struck one of the flying beasts. Leopold’s lightning bolt hit another one, and it spasmed and started plummeting. The falling beast shook it off, but crash-landed anyway, not far from Ilzo. Leopold, who didn’t have to prepare another projectile, fired at the one I had wounded, but it dodged. I managed to hit it again before it was time to pull Scorchmark, but Va’lyndra fumbled with the grip on her bow, failing to get another shot off. Irritated, she tossed the bow aside and drew her staff. Ilzo hurled Surkalpi towards the burgh lions as they passed him, but the weapon was never meant to be thrown and landed in the nearby shrubbery.

Standing ready, I gave the closest burgh lion a deep gash. It had twisted sideways at the last minute, to slam into both Va’lyndra and me, but the burning wound stunned it, so it simply crashed into the ground between us. The other monster tried the same trick with Leopold and Va’lyndra, who stood between me and the gnome, and managed to land on Leopold with its forepaws, tossing him to the ground.

Burgh lions have two parts with separate minds, the lion head and the snake tail, which has its own head with venomous fangs. I knew from experience that you needed to kill the lion part to take the snake out of combat; just knocking it unconscious didn’t affect the snake part. Cutting off the snake was obviously a solution, but to do that, I would have to step in close, where it could bite me. Therefore, I focused all my attention on stabbing the lion through the eye. The eyeball sizzled when Scorchmark dug through, into the brain, and the snake tail flopped down.

The other monster tried to bite Va’lyndra with its snake tail, but her shield blocked. It also turned towards her and swiped with its paw, but that attack missed. Since it was preoccupied with Va’lyndra, I ran by the tail end and attempted a double cut with my knife, but I missed. Leopold blinked his eyes and sat up. Va’lyndra poked her staff at the burgh lion, but she didn’t come close. It wouldn’t have done any damage anyway; it would barely have felt the touch.

The burgh lion tried to bite me with its snake tail, but I dodged so elegantly, it lost its balance, unable to decide whether to complete the attack or bow down to its superior. I dashed in and cut deeply into the snake tail. Leopold had retrieved his lightning wand and aimed at the burgh lion, but it fell when Va’lyndra gave it a solid thump over the head. The snake end was still active, and it darted frantically for me, but failed to connect, of course. I stepped out of reach, dropped Scorchmark, and pulled an arrow. Va’lyndra and Leopold could finish the burgh lion easily, now that the lion part lay still.

Ilzo still contended with his burgh lion, and while he had given it a couple of deep wounds with his pickaxe, I could tell it had managed to retaliate several times. One arrow was enough to put down the lion part, and then Ilzo retrieved Surkalpi and cut off the snake from a safe distance. Then he stiffened and collapsed. I ran for Olivia.

Olivia determined that Ilzo would be fine with some rest, and gave Leopold first aid instead. She was right. Ilzo started stirring while she was still applying bandages to Leopold, and was on his feet in no time, cutting the lion head off. The rest of us were ready to move on, but Ilzo decided to cut up the monster’s body as well. We mounted and waited for him to finish his grisly work. When he was done, I thought he seemed a little confused, perhaps uncertain why he had done what he just did, but he shook it off and departed the scene with the rest of us.
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