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Default Session 36 (2020-06-07)

The thunder chased me down the steep path, and in my hurry, I nearly stepped off it, but a hand grabbed my shoulder and steadied me. I was about to dash off again, when I recognized the familiar touch. I turned, beaming at Mattea. She was alive! Even the dark clouds above withdrew before the force of my joy. “Seems Va’lyndra finished her spell,” Mattea concluded with a glance at the empty, blue sky. “We had better go back to the others. They may have need of your healing, Olivia.” “Screw the others,” I exclaimed and ripped the helmet off Mattea’s head so I could kiss her. I gave Mattea first aid, too, and a healing potion. Once I had time to think, I realized I was too scared to return to the plateau, so we found a hiding place for me, and then Mattea climbed back up alone.

Leopold asked Mattea if his papers were wet. Mattea didn’t know what he was talking about, so he had to explain that she had been carrying them in her backpack, among other stuff she carried for him. The papers turned out to be safe and dry.

They returned shortly, and I stayed as far away from Va’lyndra and the blanket-wrapped statuette as I could, while remaining with the party. She suggested that Mattea and I walk in front down the mountain, which everyone thought was a bad idea. If we ran into trolls, it would be best if the two of us were in the back. Ilzo could take the vanguard.

We had to rest another hour before Ilzo felt up to the climb down. He seemed exhausted far beyond what a short battle should do. He hadn’t even participated in it, for crying out loud! I blamed the statuette, and Mattea agreed.

It took us five hours to get to the bottom of the ladder-like path again, and it was about time to make camp, but Va’lyndra wanted to go a little further, to a place with more trees, so we trudged on. Finally satisfied, Va’lyndra started shaping wood around the statuette, which still remained inside a blanket. I camouflaged the camp. When I was done, Va’lyndra had started repairing her shield while debating wooden lean-tos versus rocky caves with Leopold. Our tent was erected, and Mattea was impatient.

Thoughts on July 24th

We walked back to our previous campsite, and discovered that the horses were still there. Olivia and I said hello to Marvin, Lightfoot, Bluebell and Snowflake. They were as happy to see us as we were to see them.

Leopold opened the boulder, and we retrieved our equipment. Repacking our gear, Olivia realized that there were quite a few missing healing potions unaccounted for. I had to tell her that I had given ten to Ilzo, back on the mountain top, for he had run out, just like Leopold. She glared at me, but then she shook her head and gave me a kiss. “Did you at least get paid for them?” she asked. It hadn’t crossed my mind.

Having visited the last temple, it was time to turn back home. According to the map, we had traveled clockwise in more or less a half-circle since the first temple on this tour, so we were much farther west than when we began. Leopold and Va’lyndra debated what would be the best route back. I left them to it, stealing a few more moments with Olivia before we had to mount up.

Thoughts on July 25th

The others had decided that going through Ilzo’s village again made sense. It wasn’t far out of the way. Riding Marvin felt like flying, for I had removed most of the weight from my backpack and either given it back to Va’lyndra and Leopold, or handed it over to Olivia to reorganize into our saddlebags, according to her plan.

Thoughts on July 26th

We reached Ilzo’s village in the afternoon, and spent the evening with Fark and a few others. I put on a small show, before Olivia declared that it was time for bed. She didn’t like the way the orcs were looking at me. Although she couldn’t decide whether they wanted to bed me or fight me, neither option was agreeable.

Thoughts on July 27th

After a good night in Derevni, sleeping while the orcs did their daily work, we said goodbye to Ilzo’s friends and family, and headed for human lands. We have a long ride ahead of us.

Thoughts on July 28th

Today was a dream day, at least for me. During the day, I practiced in the saddle, fantasizing about the grand shows I’d put on when we got home. In the evening, the girl of my dreams woke me from my reveries, and after an evening snack, we shut ourselves away for an evening snack. The day couldn’t get any better. Happy thoughts buzzed through my mind as I dozed off in Olivia’s embrace. We had succeeded in our mission, finding several relics. We were going home, and I could perform again without fear of Olivia being afraid the crowd might turn ugly. And I had Olivia, the sweetest, cleverest, most beautiful girl in the world!

A jarring thought popped my eyes open. The war! What if the Tamburin Supremacy stood waiting when we returned? I shifted uneasily, but Olivia pulled me closer, holding me still. The tension seeped out of me. We would find a solution. I closed my eyes again and strengthened my grip around Olivia, careful so I didn’t hurt her, even while sending a silent, metaphorical signal that I’d never let her go.

Thoughts on July 29th

I woke up alone and panicked. Where was Olivia!? Her packs were still there, which made me relax a little, until I got the idea in my head that she had been kidnapped. I sat bolt upright. Olivia entered and made big eyes, for I had drawn Scorchmark, and she’s uncomfortable around weapons. I sheathed the blade with a sigh of relief and put it away.

“Happy twenty-two, Mattea!” Olivia exclaimed and presented me with a piece of art, a wooden sculpture depicting her. I balanced it on one of our packs and studied it. It was very lifelike. “Va’lyndra?” I asked, and Olivia nodded, “It’s made of living wood, you know.” “Remind me to thank her later,” I told her, seizing her dress and pulling her down on top of me.

I was unusually weak in the knees when I staggered outside to have breakfast. Olivia had really pulled out the stops this morning. I thanked Va’lyndra politely and sincerely for the gift. I hadn’t thought she’d waste living wood on an ornament.
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