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Default Re: Paladin Heal in GURPS

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
also wondering how you'd do the Holy Bolt type situation of "harms undead, heals everything else"

closest might be Link +10% but it's kind of expensive for something where 2 halves would never coincide on a single target

Alternative Attack wouldn't work since it requires picking one or other
I'd be inclined to start with:
IA (No Wounding -50%; Wounding (Undead Only -20%) +40%)
Healing (Follow-Up, IA, +0%; Faith Healing +20%)
Alter the "Undead Only" to reflect how common they are compared to other foes, of course. Faith Healing should cover not healing undead.

AlexanderHowl's notion of a feature on the Undead's end works if it's a setting design level decision, but if it's just this one ability--or some selection of them--it won't.
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