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Default Re: Paladin Heal in GURPS

Originally Posted by ham2anv View Post
Another option is "Skills for Everyone" (Powers, p. 162), which lets you buy an IQ/H skill for your Healing ability.
The system in GURPS Psionic Powers uses this option for all of its abilities.
+10% reliable (+2 bonus) costs 3 points which ends up being cheaper than 4 points per +1 that skills end up as so you'd probably want to max out reliable at +10 before going with a skill unless GM made it mandatory

Maybe there are ways "Techniques" could be used for Healing too? Like buying off penalties only for diseases, only for afflictions, only for HP or only for FP?

Mandatory skills (especially with a brutal default like -6) helps at least slightly to curtail the massive power advantage points invested in advantages tend to have over skills in a lot of cases.

Though one of the issues there is some advantages don't even involve attribute rolls to sub skills for.
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