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Default Re: One-College Magery and Druidic spells

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Remember, the default is that you know all colleges. Knowing a college with 40 spells seems to be more useful than knowing one with three spells. And yes, spells are of different value, but that's why the energy cost varies from spell to spell. They should still be roughly balanced (except Recover Energy, which is a strange holdover from an older system.
I've been going through Thaumatology trying to figure out what you were getting on about, and finally figured out it was about the "Wood College". Which is a case of "Doctor it hurts when I do this!" "So don't do that!" Don't create a college with only three spells. When a book's advice is bad, or at least your interpretation of it would produce bad results, just don't take it. If you are going to have a "Wood College" then add spells like one giving your body the consistency of a living tree, or one that causes spears of wood to shoot out of wooden objects and wall, or made them explode into razor sharp splinters.

Or alternatively forget about the "Wood College" and just give your druids a nature college that includes both animal and tree spells. Because you can do that.
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