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Thoughts on June 5th

We had slipped quietly into our tent last evening, having the latest watch this morning and not feeling very talkative, at least towards the others. Ilzo asked at breakfast if we’d noticed something in the temple last night, and I responded that we didn’t – why should we? “Wasn’t that why you had sex there?” Ilzo blundered. Olivia blushed, and I kicked the orc. He wore his armor, so I don’t think I hurt him. I certainly didn’t get him to rethink his line of questioning, for he kept talking about sex. I huffed and took Olivia back to our hiding place.

We stayed there most of the day. I returned to camp to get some food for us and noticed that the others were doing another search in the ruins. Olivia told me that she had been thinking, and that she had decided to pursue a career as an herbalist, once we decided to put our adventuring days behind us and settle down to a more ordinary lifestyle. Adventuring has made us rich, and we expect to continue to amass wealth, so I could see no reason why Olivia shouldn’t be able to do exactly as she wanted. The next time we’re staying in town for more than a couple of days, we can look for a teacher for her.

I took Olivia back to the temple again in the afternoon, when the others had retired for the day. I can’t say I noticed anything supernatural while we made love, but then again, I was completely focused on the task at hand. I don’t even think I would have detected Ilzo coming to have a look at what the noise was all about, although Olivia would have. And then it would be hell to pay for the orc.

Thoughts on June 6th

Va’lyndra reinforced the bridge with her plant magic before we crossed it again. I rode Marvin, Lightfoot, Snowflake and Bluebell across, trusting more in my skill at directing the horses from the saddle than I did in their own senses. Leopold brought the other horses across. He has an even better hand with horses than Va’lyndra or Olivia.

With all the horses on the west side of the river, Ilzo and I fetched the packs, running back and forth while Va’lyndra and Olivia loaded the animals. Then we headed south, following the overgrown road I’d discovered while the others prepared the bridge.

Thoughts on June 7th

I took Ilzo aside, today, and reminded him that Olivia is very sensitive. If he did anything or said anything to upset her, that would make us react badly. I don’t think he received the message, but I overheard Va’lyndra explain to him later that in civilized society, there are certain subjects that one doesn’t discuss, like sex. I’m not certain he understands, but he’ll hopefully behave more politely in the future.

Thoughts on June 8th

We came across the ruins of an ancient village today. Olivia and I watched the horses while the others checked it out. They found nothing of interest to us, as I expected.

Thoughts on June 9th

The river we’ve been following turned east, but the road continued straight ahead. We shouldn’t be too far from the temple of perversions now. Hopefully, the road goes all the way there. It’s slightly easier to travel along the road than it is to go through the woods. I seemed to remember that we followed a road like this on our last trip down here, but it was so overgrown, we eventually lost it. Olivia didn’t recall that, so maybe it was the fear of it happening that stuck to my mind.

Thoughts on June 10th

After noon, the terrain started sloping slightly upwards, and the forest thinned. Ilzo found a bone that he put into his pack. A short while later, a spire rose over the ridge ahead of us. More bones lay scattered on the ground, and Ilzo gathered a few.

Not much farther, we found a few half-rotten goblin corpses, and Va’lyndra commented that we should keep double watches tonight. Leopold declared that he didn’t want to make camp in this area. Since we had plenty of daylight left, the rest of us – well, at least Ilzo, Va’lyndra and I – argued that we should proceed further uphill and check out the building, and decide whether to retreat or continue afterwards. Just then, a gust of warm, foul wind struck us from up ahead, and disturbed the animals. That made our decision for us. We turned around and set up camp a distance below the first bones.

Va’lyndra looked around the campsite, and found humanoid tracks nearby, probably goblins. Olivia asked what she should do if someone approached the camp while we were up there tomorrow, investigating the presumed temple. Leopold told her to get on her horse and get out. I corrected him. Olivia should get on my horse and get out. Marvin is faster than both Snowflake and Bluebell.
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