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Default Re: Playing GURPS with the help of FoundryVTT

Originally Posted by mehrkat View Post
Thanks for being willing to answer my random questions.

I would swear I remember an update video where they mentioned we could upload equipment files and set the character sheets where equipment is not updated with the character so we can maintain equipment in Foundry.

The video explained how to make that work but I can't find the correct video and correct spot. Does anyone remember which video this was I think its one of the Videos done by Chris.
Maybe this will help - the Guide under Importing into Foundry:

In the configuration settings for the System Settings, you then have a number of items that relate like "Import: Autosave Foundry Qty/Count", encumbrance and weight and so on.

Hope that helps, but if you find there is a video with more details, I'd be keen to know!

Chris' YouTube channel has many:
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