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Default Re: Mounted combat and two-handed weapons

A new question.

Mounted Combat Attacks
Both an animal and its rider may attack, and both may
attack in the same turn. A rider may attack regardless of how
far his mount moved that turn
, although the animal itself
cannot attack if it moved more than half its MA. To determine
whether the rider is making a charge attack, of course, you
consider the movement of his animal.
So a rider may fire a bow no matter how fast his horsey is going, right? (Ignore the questions about two-handed weapons above for now and just assume that the rider can use a two-handed weapon as RAW suggests.)

If we apply RAW, a centaur can only move one hex and fire his bow. He can also only make a half-move to charge attack. I'm not sure that sits well with me.

Obviously, one could just say that a Centaur is a special case, acting like a mounted rider in combat, but that would be a serious upgrade. The fact is that a Centaur has to pay attention as he gallops while the horse, not the rider, pays attention.

Still, sure seems to me that a Centaur ought to be able to fire a bow after a half-move (maybe because it sounds cool). Anyone ever think about this?

Thanks, as always.
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