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Default Re: OGRE on the tabletop

Originally Posted by J. Durr View Post
For me the first link - panpacalliance - works but the second one, the yahoo, returns a "This site canít be reached -ís server IP address could not be found."
The panpacificalliance link is live. has been dead for 20 years. Since around 2000, yahoo groups was text only, and has been gone completely for 2 years.

Some of the photos that were on it are mirrored as copies on the panpacificalliance site.
All email links are long dead.

The table was made over 30 years ago, and is a reification of the 1977 2nd edition OGRE map, in 3D. Hexes are big enough to accomodate any of the OGRE minis.
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