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Default Re: New to The Fantasy Trip. Got questions.

My personal take on Death Test is that it is interesting only in as much as it is a tough test of player skill. There is nothing terribly interesting about the layout, the nature of the challenges, the goal, etc. It is all about whether you can not only win tricky team skirmish combats, but win them so decisively and with so little expenditure of resources that you are in decent shape for the next one. In a sense, it is the only part of the TFT Canon that presents the player with a resource management problem comparable to that posed by classic D&D style adventures. So, I like to keep it as a difficult challenge that I'll often (usually?) fail to master. The purest way to do that is to follow all of the guidelines that were in place when DT1 and 2 were written: RAW; 4, 32 point characters; no items beyond a staff; no talents; and good F'ing luck.
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