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Default Re: New to The Fantasy Trip. Got questions.

Originally Posted by Anaraxes
The houserule I suggested, for those that find the RAW overly lethal even considering Immediate Action, is simply to lower the threshold for converting death-reversible-by-Immediate-Action to death-requiring-Revival from 0 to some lower number. If that threshold were -ST (say), then it becomes very much harder to kill someone, though it's just as easy to put them out of action. So, Out of Action is no longer exactly and only ST 0, but ST <= 0 and > threshold. Dying becomes ST < threshold, not ST < 0.
I just realized I completely mis-read your original post. I thought you meant TFT had a rule to allow variation on the Death threshold, not that you were suggesting a house rule.

Carry, on. Good stuff anyway.
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