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I have toyed with using networks of worlds where the portals of each world only connect to twelve other worlds (with each type of portal associated with each zodiacal constellation). Portals would only function during the appropriate zodiacal times, only when opened by the appropriate zodiacal rituals, and could only be sensed by people that shared their zodiacal signs. I have not fully developed it yet though.
It feels to me as if it would be neater if each timeline connected to 11 other worlds, so that that timeline itself would have a Zodiacal sign, just like those it connected to.

A possible neat gimmick would be to link the twelve signs to the twelve notes of the chromatic scale, and through them to the cycle of fifths. This would open out the number of worlds, because the cycle of fifths isn't perfectly closed. You can go down a fifth, to F, B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat, and G flat, or you can go up a fifth, to G, D, A, E, B, and F sharp---but F sharp and G flat aren't the same frequency. And similarly, when you go from F sharp to C sharp, that's not the same as D flat, and G sharp's not the same as A flat. So the whole thing could be open ended.
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