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Default Re: Alternate Versions of Inifinite Worlds

Originally Posted by SilvercatMoonpaw View Post
IST: Infinite Super Teams

Take the premise of establishing one super-team per country (or region) made up of a multi-national supers, and expand it to alternate worldlines!

I mean, why have all these superhero stories about going to alternate dimensions if there isn't going to be subsequent cross-dimensional travel?*

I'm going to have to leave specifics up to individual taste: I tend to go for a "gee whiz" Silver Age style with little-to-no exploration of the consequences of worldline mingling, but I know that's not for everyone.

* This question is rhetorical. You do not need to answer it.
I had kind of a related idea, only combining Homeline with I.S.T. Earth; a world of superheroes that has relatively recently become a parachronic power, and is coming into conflict with alternate timelines with their own superbeings and other supernatural entities.

Mostly an excuse to have superheroic adventures on alternate earths, honestly.
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