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Default Re: What level Physician skill should an MD have?

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But the pre-post (US term) GP-era difference is, explicitly, a difference in years of study (years of residency). If I am reading you right, pre-post (US term) GP-era doctors should have different skill levels.....
At the current intensity of undergraduate education and work terms/residencies, I'd go with about 2 points/year, total, in associated skills, techniques, and perks. Someone who has a flat four-year MD has 8 points to distribute; someone who does another four years of specialization has 16 points to distribute. Spend them as you like. The contrast between {Diagnosis (H) IQ [4], Physician (H) IQ [4]} and {Diagnosis (Optional Specialty) (A) IQ+2 [8], Physician (Optional Specialty) (A) IQ+2 [8]} is huge, and the latter person may also have access to perks like Cutting-Edge Training, Efficient, and Hyper-Specialization that aren't taught below the specialist level.
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