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Default Re: Predicting opponent's movements to attack

Originally Posted by Cursed_Lich View Post
I was trying to create a character with precognitive abilities that uses these abilities for attack and defense. The defensive part was quite easy with all the Enhanced 'Defense' advantages but the offensive one where he can see the opponent's movements and breakthrough their defenses are giving me a headache (Ex: King Bradley [FMA] or Sharigan [Naruto]).

How can I give this character a flat bonus to hit with any attack, be it a punch, a dagger or gun? I would be satisfied even if I can only apply the bonus to melee attacks.
For the specific description ("break through their defenses") you might want it even more limited:
Increased DX (Precognition, -10%; Limited: Only to cancel penalties for erratic target movement or making a Deceptive Attack, -?%)
Not sure what the ? should be replaced with, but it seems limited enough that I'd just say it but the -80% cap and price it at 4/level.
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