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Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Letting someone with double-jointed grapple with their torso is actually a special trick if you have constriction attack. Some races would have it without a snake-like body, so it probably shouldn't be meaningful only to snakes.
Given that there's Cotton Stomach perk introduced in MA it's kinda confusing why they sorta packaged a free version of it for those who had both Constriction Attack and Double-Jointed.

TG27 at least gave some helpful text regarding what Constriction's meant to represent: "a core physiology and musculature optimized for exerting strength laterally"

There's also that new discount on it for those who have Extra Flexible on two arms. No mention of Legs, I guess because B55 doesn't include an EF option for Extra Legs...

There's no mention of Double-Jointed here either, even though DJ seems to be on par with Flexible in terms of arm benefits in the only "crunch" I'm aware of for EF: B390's side-parrying and B391's back-blocking.

I think even with TG's new perk there's a big question why you'd ever take Extra-Flexible as a 2-armed being, if you think about it...

1) it costs 5 per arm: that's 10 points for 2, may as well go the full 15 for DJ and avoid -5 in close quarters, get a +5 talent for Break Free attacks, climbing, escape and seduction

I guess you could consider the effective total cost to be only 5 points subtracting the 5 you save on Constriction Attack.

It seems a bit complicated though. Like would I still save the full 5 points on Constriction Attack if I took Extra Arms with limitations?


Flexible Arms (Immediate Preparation Required: 1 minute -30% Maximum Duration: 10 minutes -50%) [2]

By spending 2 points to save 5, I'm basically getting 3 free points, lowering the cost of Constriction Attack to merely 7 points instead of 10.

I think the only way to prevent that kind of abuse would be to require Constriction Attack to take whatever limitations you took on Flexible Arms, that way you're not getting full benefit of the discount by paying fewer points to get the discount.

Plus the -5 should probably come off the base cost of 10 rather than any modified costs, so that Constriction Attack doesn't become free if you have -50% in limitations.
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