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Default Re: Can animals dodge?

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Or is it just smart and agile animals like wolves that can dodge?
I would never have an animal dodge, no matter how smart (for an animal) or agile they are. If they had a good rider, sure, but not on their own. Maybe if they were trained to charge attack enemies in some sort of zig-zag pattern, but again, not instinctively.

I would allow them to defend, that is dodging against thrown weapons. Because you can see them coming and don't have to anticipate them like a missile weapon. The rules only allow for (defend against melee and thrown weapon), when you are engaged, but that rule could be handwaved, to include defending when not engaged, but only have an effect against thrown weapons and reach weapons.

One could possibly argue that an animal, moving very fast, is harder to hit, but there are no such modifiers in TFT. The opposite actually, since you can only dodge when you are running half your max move.

Possibly I would give an archer a cover modifier, or concealment or general problems when shooting at a fast animal moving low weaving through the under underbrush. And I guess that could be simulated by calling it an automatic dodge. The animal can't move full MA under those conditions, so it would be fair. But never on an open field. Animals don't attack at half-speed anticipating crossbow bolts.
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