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Default Re: [Dungeon Fantasy] Point total for game with more social play

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
1. All professions may use the advantage and disadvantage allowances on their templates for Wealth and/or the traits discussed on pp. 4-7 of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 17: Guilds Allies, Claim to Hospitality, Clerical Investment, Rank, Reputation, Status, Tenure, etc. as well as for the usual traits. They don't get extra points for this! Players must decide for themselves what balance of hack 'n' slash ability and social effectiveness they deem important.

2. Everybody must have at least 5 points in skills the GM agrees are "social."* This would require nothing extra of the bard! Heck, a suitably-built knight would sacrifice nothing. For most, this would mean sacrificing a few quirk points . . . but almost nobody would have to give up all 5 points. Even a "crude" barbarian has some social skills. Only the standoffish scout might be strained which is arguably logical, given the disadvantage profile. Again, this wouldn't involve extra points, just a change in the balance between hack 'n' slash and social capability.

This dicotomy is important to note. Social advantages and social skills act in very different ways. When you say you want to "add social points", you should be aware which of these you are adding to.

A third category may be considered: skills like dancing, current affairs, games, some lore skills, and so forth.
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