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Default Re: [Dungeon Fantasy] Point total for game with more social play

I started my current Nordlond campaign at 300 points. I didn't make any firm requirements about how to spend them, but encouraged players to spend the extra points on social and background skills that made sense in terms of the setting. In a series of emails to the players before the campaign began, I sent them examples from the Nordlond corpus of ways that such skills would come in useful, like this example from Citadel at Nordvorn:
In some of the more civilized areas of Noršlond, you're safe from overt violence if you engage in flyting, a ritual exchange of poetic insults. A proper flyting is a demonstration of wit, learning, and verbal audacity. It takes the place of martial combat in situations where engaging in violence is rude or inappropriate.

In game terms, a flyting involves a series of taunts that can be resolved with various skills. Public Speaking is key. Diplomacy is helpful. Other skills that can be brought to bear include: Current Affairs or Savoir-Faire to relate an embarrassing incident, Musical Composition, Poetry, or Singing to delivery a witty burn in skaldic verse, Performance to mock the foe’s mannerisms, Sex Appeal to impugn their romantic appeal, or Intimidation to diminish their valor.
To my delight, the players took this to heart and we've had more than one session that were 100% social (including at least one full-on flyting contest).
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