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Default Greetings from China in the 21st century

To Steve Jackson Games:
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a TRPG player in China who have hosted GURPS games for 10 years.The majority in our players' community play TRPG on the Internet by purchasing digital version of GURPS and sharing its Chinese translation.(And they think the Chinese-version of GURPS Lite is full of typo and misspelling or something alike.)
We hope that you can pay some attention to tabletop games industry and their localization in China, Many agents and game developers have successfully crowdfunded and promoted Chinese versions of their rulebooks.
As a GURPS fan, I hope that related projects will be added to your agenda. I will be waiting for your reply. (Another member of our community tried to contact you via email but didn't get any reply.)
Wish you success in holding the 2021 FnordCon.
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