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Default Re: Probable Typo in new rules PDF.

Originally Posted by Darryll View Post
Hey Jim,

o In this case, "barrier" is a casual description of an obstacle, just as a player would say "building" or "barrel." Everything in the arena is an obstacle, and if the obstacle is not a car, the icons (or the players) dictate how it works, regardless of what the obstacle is called.
A caution:
Please be exceedingly careful with using casual descriptions of things in games like Car Wars that grow over time.

They were the source of a bunch of the problems that the Classic edition of Car Wars had and a contributor to why people quit playing it - they couldn't agree on what phrases like this meant, typically at a time where one player or another would lose depending on how it was interpreted. Which is a big killer of enthusiasm to play again, as one player often feels he or she was robbed by the unclear rules.

Consistent syntax in the rules helps keep a game coming back to the table.
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