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Default Re: Blog post about Martial Arts Styles for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
There was a Fighting Styles of Yrth supplement? Banstorm Martial Arts, maybe?

Hrm. No, that doesn't sound like it. Pyr 3/61 was The Way of the Warrior, but if you've looked at that already I'd have to search as well.
No, it was not from any warehouse product, because I receive your feed on my email and I read it from my gmail page. What makes it harder to find because it doesn't appear on my history files now... and I sadly deleted the email. Because of that I know its a post from before March.

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
Try looking through Universal Eggplants blog, seems like something he may have posted.
I searched on all the blogs that are still appearing on GURPSDay feed, but it is none of them.

Thank you for trying to help. :D
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