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Default Re: Noršlond questions

Originally Posted by Gnomasz View Post
Besides, Cardboard Heroes or print-yourself-pdf papercraft minis make waaaay more sense as an addon for a monsters book.
That's true, and I did something similar for TFT. If folks want something that's on heavy card-stock that's basically the old CH model (cut 'em, fold 'em, stick 'em in a base yourself) I can probably do that quite easily.

If we want the new die-cut cardboard models that are basically 1" x 2" standees (that you still have to provide the base for yourself, but SJG does sell bases), I can still do that . . . but it's going to be VERY expensive unless a whole lot of folks want them and I can arrange a special run. And even then, it's a new supply chain for me if I feel that no one can afford them unless I do a custom large scale run.

Printing and shipping "stuff" instead of "books" is non-trivial, and I don't have the scale to risk a mess-up. I will consider this carefully and see what I can offer with confidence when the time comes.
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