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Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Perfectly Normal: The small town of Normal does its best to live up to its name. Its best isn't very good. People disappear in Normal or have strange accidents. Odd fads sweep the town. Pets are actually as smart as their owners like to think. And in the Grade 10 class of the local high school class, there's a little riddle. Why are so many of them adopted? Why do they frequently get rashes after touching iron objects? And why are they starting to get supernatural powers?

A Light In the Darkness: Characters are SS personnel attached to a special Ahnerbe unit dedicated to seeking out mystic, alien and antediluvian artifacts and entities for the glory of the Reich, and racing against swashbuckling American archaeologists and British secret agents as well as Lovecraftian cultists, and scheming dabblers in the occult.

But what their Nazi superiors don't know is that their real allegiance is to the Bavarian Illuminati and their real mission is to keep the genuine articles out of the hands of the ignorant, reckless and downright evil people searching for them, for fear that they will doom all humanity by unleashing powers they don't understand in the middle of the largest war in recorded history.

The Stuff Heroes Are Maid Of: In a dark city a rich man works out his childhood traumas by wearing a costume to go out and thump bad guys. You are his faithful household staff, who apart from cleaning and maintaining the house, operate behind the scenes to smuggle equipment into caves, do the actual investigative work, and make sure he doesn't get too far over his head all without ever embarrassing him by letting him know you know his hobby.
Is Normal a spoof or satire of something?

LitD... sort of a BPRD on the other side of the fence, but with less allegiance to their patrons?

The last one is kinda funny... it makes me think of a riff on that Maid RPG.
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