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Meet the Neighbors! Magic, once thought to be a thing of the primordial mists and of mythology is proved real! Brain Mapping and Interstellar Transport Warps bring the truth to the fore! Many romantic idealists see this as the time to build technology free utopias! Romantics are silly that way.

The world of Xothique (supposedly named for works of fiction, if you believe that sort of junk) is one such disaster. Demon Kings and Wizard Tyrants rule over the oppressed populace is a world that resembles the fictions of Lovecraft, Ashton Smith, and especially Howard.

However, the expanding Alliences of humanity have build a starport on the planet. Could the strange blasphemies of Technology arm the people against their Demonic Overlords?

Basically Star Trek meets Connan with total incomprehension and lots of fireball spells!

I assume this is a toss your ideas in thread. Am I right?
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