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Originally Posted by Flyndaran
Come on. You must be intentionally misunderstanding me. A 7 foot long 10 lb SM+1 rattlesnake will not eat as much as a 7 foot long 150 lb SM+1 Komodo dragon.
No, I don't think he's intentionally misunderstanding you. Your initial statement that he was responding to was:

Originally Posted by Flyndaran
Okay, you're right I miswrote.
I should have said, "comparably massed reptile".
A thirty pound snake should eat almost exactly the same amount as a thirty pound lizard regardless of how they differ in SM by longest dimension.
When he responded that he didn't think a 30 lb. lizard would differ significantly from a 30 lb. snake you responded by comparing a 10 lb. rattlesnake to a 750 lb. Komodo dragon. To make the point clearer, mass is measured in lbs. and the mass of the Komodo dragon differs from the mass of the 10 lb. rattlesnake by a factor of 75x.

Now, a 7 ft. Komodo dragon may very well eat more that a 7 ft. rattlesnake but that's essentially SM by length which is directly the opposite of your post which stated "regardless of how they differ by SM."
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