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Default Re: how to stat abilities tied to berserk disad

Originally Posted by Gurps Fan
By the way, there's a murphy on psi abilities and Berserk: When you're berserk, your possible maneuvers are restricted to All-Out Attack, Move, and Move and Attack, and nothing else (p. B124). However, most psi abilities require Concentrate maneuver, except for abilities that touching, which use Attack maneuver (Psionic Powers, p. 22). Therefore, when you are berserk, you can't use most psi abilities. This is easy to resolve -- simply ignore the text on p. B124 and just allow Concentrate.
Rather than redefining Berserk, I think it might be better to just make the ability [you'll want your berserker to use] an attack, so that it is freely available as an option to him.
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