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Default Re: Beastlanders (A Nordlond campaign log)

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Indeed. My problem with I Smell A Rat is that it's not a good beginner's adventure. It assumes familiarity with the tropes of OSR and the GURPS combat system.
I agree. I've run it twice for newbies and had to pull a lot of punches.

I don't think we have a perfect introductory adventure for DFRPG yet. Hall of Judgment is great, but it's a sizeable book, possibly more than a first time GM would want to tackle. My favorite opener is "You All Meet at an Inn" from Pyramid 98. I mostly like it because the initial premise works great for a new group: a few role-playing scenes at the inn; sudden excitement; a mysterious dungeon. It's an engaging, simple recipe. The dungeon itself is probably too deadly for most beginning groups, but it's easy to modify. It also requires a bit of translation from GURPS DF (one or two monsters aren't in the DFRPG Monsters book). Another thing I like about it is that the dungeon itself can be modular; it's easy to add or subtract challenges before the climax. I make sure they get to the final room by the end of the session. Efficient groups get to enjoy more stuff in the middle.
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