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Default Re: Creature ST from size in hexes

I think the Interplay article on dragon sizes got closer to the mark.

I notice that:

* TFT ST seems to vary a lot per species and (when noted) per individual.

* Different types/species of figures naturally have different ST-to-hex-size ratios.

* Dragons have one of the lowest ST-to-hex-size ratios of TFT monsters.

* Dragon stats were determined for Wizard, a game trying to balance wizards with fighters in arena combat. They are powerful but not as powerful as would be "realistic" so that Summon Dragon is not too good, and so that PCs fighting dragons stand a chance.

As a GM, I reason that summoned and illusionary dragons conjure something that lacks the benefit of actual life experience, which real dragons (especially the larger ones) tend to have a great deal of, since it's not easy to survive as a smaller dragon, and I assume it takes quite a lot of successful survival time to become a dragon of 6+ hexes, so I tend to give such dragons some advantages in ST, talents, caution, developed tactics, and perhaps some other abilities that you don't get as a wizard using a Creation spell.
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