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Default Re: [OOC] The Voyages of "The Hiawatha" [Hero Class] : GURPS Traveller

Originally Posted by doulos05 View Post
While looking over the ship's data, it looks like if we wanted we could make a few extra bucks by double-bunking. If we give the Captain and 1 other officer (Engineer, maybe? Given the importance of his post) their own stateroom and double up everyone else, we have 6 staterooms, so we could have 1 high passage and 5 medium passages, or 10 medium passages if people shared cabins. If everyone, even the captain and engineer, double bunk, we have 7 staterooms, giving us 1 high and 6 or 12 medium passages.

I calculated the value of the Pharmaceuticals cargo as $800 (Trade along a branch or non-existent trade route) * 77 dTons * 2 parsecs. I personally prefer the system in Far Trader, that works out to $650 * 77 * 2 = $100,100. Which one do you want to use, vargr? Or do you just want to wing it? Having all the books (and relatively copious free time at the moment), I don't mind doing the dice rolls and calculations and posting them here for the more complicated Far Trader system.
The crew assignments assumes that everyone will be doubled up except for the captain and one other [engineer is reasonable, but so are ship's doctor and 2nd in command (XO)], reserving the six staterooms on the upper deck for paying passengers. It is not pracitcal to have the captain and engineer/doc/XO also double up to gain an extra high passage stateroom, because crew quarters are on the mid deck while passenger staterooms are on the upper deck. Having "civilians" roaming the crew areas is a bad idea and will invite accidents, so it is not recommended. However, if you REALLY want the extra ticket sales, I guess you can see what happens....

According to my calculations, hauling the 77-dT load of raw materials the two parsecs to Prometheus will bring in a shipment fee of $800 per dT, or $61,600. There are no passengers available for this trip, since the BTN is just 6 [2.5+4.0-0.5]. I rolled for additional freight on the trade volumes table (2d-10) and got a negative number for the result, so that rounds to zero additional freight.

The next scheduled leg of your journey, from Prometheus to Ninkhur Sagga with 30-dT of medical supplies is a 10-parsec trip, and no additional freight bound for Ninkhur Sagga is available on Prometheus. However, because of the urgent need for the medical supplies, a premium rate is being paid of $2,750 per dT, or $82,500 total freight fee from Prometheus to Ninkhur Sagga.

So, over the course of the enxt 12 weeks, the Hiawatha is scheduled to make at least CR61,600 + CR82,500 = CR144,100. Plus any additional cargo and/or passenger(s) you are able to pick up between Prometheus and Ninkhur Sagga. In fact, your first stop after Prometheus will be 1926 Barnard, and you are already scheduled to take two High Passengers and an additional 2-dT of freight from Prometheus to Barnard, a distance of one jump for a combined fee of CR8,600.

Oh, and for now let's use the cargo/passenger rules in ISW rather than Far Trader. If this proves unworkable we'll re-visit the issue later, but let's give it a shot for awhile, ok?

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