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Default Re: [OOC] The Voyages of "The Hiawatha" [Hero Class] : GURPS Traveller

Originally Posted by pup67vargr View Post
The Hiawatha armed? That's a very good question. Do you want it to be armed? What weapons would you prefer?
I don't mind RPing acquiring the weapons. But to pay cash will cost M$2.1 for a combo turret with the only laser weapon we're able to use. It's M$1.35 if we use 2 sandcasters and 1 missile launcher or M$1.85 if we have 2 missile launchers and 1 sandcaster.

EDIT: Why don't you give us a budget to buy software and weapons. After my preliminary run though the software and weapons list, the captain comes up with the following wish list:
Quicken 2070 Free Edition (TL 10 Accounting software) - $0
Damage Control (Complexity 3 for a 200 dTon vessel) - $50
Damage Control Database (Hero-class vessel) - $1,000
Datalink (Free) - $0
Entertainment - $0
Entertainment Databases (I'm gonna assume Halo:Vilani Scum 3 costs the same as Halo 3 did when it came out) x 10 $500
Internal Security System (Skill level 15, Complexity 5) $1000
Interpreter w/ Vilani Language Database (Native) (and as many additional language Databases as we can purchase: $1000/database) $2000
Jump-2 Navigation Software (Complexity 6) $5000
RVO (Piloting Skill 12 Complexity 2) $0
Targeting (Complexity 6, +1 targeting bonus) $5000
Targeting (Complexity 5, +0 targeting bonus) $1000 (We need this for the 2nd turret unless you will allow us to use 2 of the 3 computers on-board during combat as the computers are Complexity 6, so they can only run 1 complexity 6 software at a time)
Turret 1 (TL9 laser, Sandcaster, Missile Launcher) $M2.1
Turret 2 (Missile Launcherx2, Sandcaster) $M1.85
Total: $3,965,550

My character's post is following shortly. I went with the 'normal' because his character was more rounded (the spy only had 3 disads: Secret(Imprisonment), Duty, and Fanaticism).

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