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To me, something is "unbalanced" if it's so powerful that something else in the game won't be used anymore.

A regular ST 12 sword that did 3d damage would mean no one would ever use a regular 2d broadsword again. It would take the broadsword out of the game, as well as the ST 12 hammer. In fact, nobody would take the Ax/Mace talent, because if you take the Sword talent you get to use the spiffy 3d sword and do 3d damage with a ST of only 12. It would have the net effect of taking something away from the existing game.

However, if you restrict feats to player characters then I think it's fine. It may be "unbalanced" by giving the players an edge over NPCs with the same basic stats, but they're "special" anyway, and that's part of why they're interesting and heroic and why the players want to be them. If it's too powerful, just make the monsters a little tougher and treasure a little harder to come by.

My best advice would be: If you're having fun, you're doing it right.

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