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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

Originally Posted by juris View Post
For sure there's lot of alternative ways to 'make' fuel. Right now it's just cheaper to drill crude, but lots of things could change that. The main advantage to electric power in CW is that a solar array is local, but bandits might cut off a fortress town from fuel.

Also Racer you are wrong - smart links are in the CWC 2.5e and are not required for trikes :)
Updated construction Rules in (most?) printings of UACFH state Smart Links required . They missed updating this in Green & Black covered Compendium in 1997 .

Early Pyramid (4 or 6 perhaps ?) explicitly states Smart Links , in the Q&A section .

As does last/latest Errata Sheet Pages (Errata 4.8?) posted online in 2008 or after .
I have the original magazine at home , as well as printed off copies of the Errata Sheets tucked away in Deluxe Car Wars box . Elsewhere at moment .

All sorts of Rules Lawyers tried shenanigans with plain links for Side Mounts on Trikes . Add in a Top Turret , a Front Mount & a Back Sponson Turret ALL featuring same type of weapon & it got much , much worse ... ! 8-I

[we're talking about Hvy Trikes having SEVEN LMGs with Incendiary Ammo firing into Front Arc - or X-Hvy Trikes having four RRs (F,L,R, Turret) doing same & still having another in anothet RR in a Back Sponson ! What shots needed Smarts ? What shots needed Std. Links ? A flat 'Smarts Required' line in sand for all of them at least stopped some aurgments . The price increase also prevented dirt cheap larger Trikes mounting 8 or 10 Heavy Rockets annihilating a similarly priced opponent in single salvo - or gaining sustained fire bonus by two in separate shots from a Rocket Mag , and then try to claim +2 bonus for when they launch the other eight ! If I recall the Trike with five RRs had to have 13 Smart Links to fire in any combination - $6,500 on final price put a big hold on most of that Road Munchkin's little plans .

Even a Div 5 Light Trike firing five on a single (Std.) Link can be incredibly nasty . Not particular sporting & players come to play gladiator type combats - not single shot 'pistols at dawn' eruptions that are over in 9 phases total ...]
Edit: sorry for rambling . Extremely tired & in pain from a nasty burn .
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!
The Resident Brit .

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