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Default Re: Birthright to Gurps

Originally Posted by thona
We all look forward to this.
From first browsing, it does look interesting, though it is very clearly based on the Exalted rules. Still, I'd say with some effort much of it could be converted to GURPS.

First of all, each dominion has a Magnitude ranging from 0 (village/city block) to 9 (Collossal Empire). Magitude determines how many points you get to spend on the various aspects of your dominion.

Each dominion has three basic attributes:

Military: The overall quality and quantity of your armed forces. This represents a mixture of both military size and efficiency - it is up to you to specify its precise structure.

Culture: The influence of your society in the wider world - how much other countries admire your history, art, and so on.

Government: The general efficiency of your government - how fast and well it can get things done.

Each Dominion has also Abilities (Skills): Awareness, Bureaucracy, Craft, Integrity, Investigation, Occupt, Performance, Presence, Stealth, War. These represent things that your society can do, and how good your society is at them individually.

Each Dominion has a set of four Virtues (derived from Exalted) that describe what your society cares about: Compassion, Conviction, Temperance, and Valor.

Finally, each Dominion has Willpower, which derives from the two highest Virtues and represents the ability of your society to cope with hardship and Limit, which accumulates when you perform certain actions (or your rivals perform certain actions on you) - and if it goes too high, your dominion goes through unrest and strife.

Your Attributes, Willpower and Limit can all vary temporarily as a result of certain actions. There are a large number of actions you can perform on each turn (which represents a time span that varies depending on how fast you want the game to proceed). Some of them cost Willpower and/or raise your limit. Domain actions are usually resolved by an Attibute + Ability roll, and they are often resisted by an Attribute + Virtue roll (sometimes that of your rivals, sometimes your own). You can spend Willpower to get an additional success. Successful domain actions allow you to temporarily increase on of your own stats, or decrease those of your enemies...

Oh, and since this is Exalted, it allows stunts - in other words, if you describe your actions well, you odds of success increase. If you only say: "I attack Domain X!", you get no bonus. On the other hand, if you say: "My elite Panther guards slip across the border and wreck his communications network", then you might get two bonus dice on your roll...

I haven't read it in too much deatail, but it does look like a very smooth system. For GURPS, it would make sense to give each domain a number of character points equal to its Magnitude, and to treat Attributes as GURPS attributes, Abilities as GURPS skills, Virtues as levelled advantages, and Willpower and Limit as specialized pools. And then I don't see why this system shouldn't work under GURPS.

Of course, it could be expanded to cover situations beyond the Exalted universe. Let's consider techology, for example.

In my view, it would be best to split generic GURPS TL into several fields of technology (communications, medicine, etc.), and treat each as an advantage that can be purchased seperately. And in a resisted action, you can get a bonus if your TL is higher of that of your opponent, and lower if it isn't...
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