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Default Re: Create Food and it's effect on infrastructure

Originally Posted by Black Leviathan View Post
Magic also carries it's own complications.

Despite being miraculous, Magic can only be performed by some people and there are limits to magic just like arable land has limits.
Well, sure, if we go by the standard "Average Mana" assumptions, then there aren't enough persons endowed with Magery. You'll have a civilization closer to those we know; probably food mages work all the time only to produce "emergency rations" (I suppose that Preserve Food would be used) for when a famine strikes.

But the OP stated that "people" began using magic to create food. I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that that meant all or most "people" being able to create food, i.e. High to Very High Mana and common to very common Magery (or the possibility for non-mages to cast spells).
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