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Default Re: Create Food and it's effect on infrastructure

Magic also carries it's own complications.

Despite being miraculous, Magic can only be performed by some people and there are limits to magic just like arable land has limits. Magic may shortcut a year-long-journey from farm-to-table but there are limits in any magical system to how much magic can be used in a cycle and magic used for food is sacrificed in other fundamentals. If every mage that can make food does there is still an upward limit of how many people can be fed and chances are that limit is much higher than every available person working fields and tending flocks, even in a high magic setting. There are also shortages that could affect magic, spell components or ambient energy could become scarce leading to starvation. There will still be scarcity on some level.

There is also a factor of quality. Magical food is unlikely to be the equal of quality grown food. Even if magical food is not illusory in nutritional value it may not have much flavor. Most magically created items can only be constructed as well as the know-how of the spell caster and most magic users aren't bohemians or artists. The things that make them magically apt aren't the things that make one a good cook, if only for lacking the time needed to dedicate yourself to the discipline of cooking. Most magical food would likely be edible enough but not that great. There would likely be a contingent of snobby foodies who feel that food the old fashion way tastes better and there would be a few elite food magicians who are also skilled cooks with discerning palettes that wizbang amazing dishes.
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