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Default Re: table make why does random hit location hitting left side more likely?

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
A right handed fighter is assumed to be presenting a shield in the left hand, shield extended. This is not 100% consistent within the table but explains its “lean.”
Even with no shield whether armed or not right-handed people tend to face opponents with their left side as a defensive posture, then reach in with their right hand to attack. When using firearms a standard posture is to either stand square towards your target (more likely with pistols) or to face your left side towards your target (a standard rifle posture, but also used with pistols). This is partly because it makes more sense, whether armed, unarmed, or with firearms, and partly instinctual as people defend with their off hand to protect their more valuable primary hand.

All of this means that when two people square off against one another their left sides are closest to one another, and more likely to be hit. Not 100% when taking shots from sides other than your front, but it explains the bias).
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