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Thoughts on June 17th

Ilzo and Va’lyndra left camp to forage. I had offered to come along to shoot the animals they spotted, since I’m the best shot in the party, but Olivia didn’t want me to go. She didn’t think that Leopold would suffice for defense. Absentminded, he might not pay enough attention to notice sneaking boogeymen, and neither Olivia nor I thought he’d be able to stand up to a boogeyman in a fight, one on one.

Remaining in camp with Olivia all day, I had certain hopes and expectations, but Olivia stomped hard on them and demanded that I remain watchful and not distract her either. Remaining celibate throughout the day was a chore. Usually, I manage, if I have something else to occupy my mind. Cooped up in camp, with the pinnacle of temptation sashaying enticingly in front of my eyes all day … She had to slap my questing hands away on a regular basis, and I was completely taken by surprise when Va’lyndra and Ilzo returned in the evening.

Ilzo had set up snares and other simple traps, but nothing had blundered into them, yet. Va’lyndra had found some fruits and roots, enough to feed us for a day, but not near what we’d need to restock our supplies. According to Olivia, we have food for two to three weeks, still, but we need quite a bit more, wandering the wilderness searching for temples, not to mention our trek back to civilization.

I ordered Ilzo to take over the watch and snuck up on Olivia. She yelped when I tossed her over my shoulder and carried her to our tent. I put her down carefully and turned to close the flaps. I felt eager hands fumbling with my armor and stripped it off as fast as I could. Relieving Olivia of her dress, I lost myself in her embrace.

Thoughts on June 18th

Olivia and I made sure to eat breakfast during our stint at the night watch. That gave us the opportunity while the others ate, to prepare for a day of chastity, getting it out of the system, in a way. When we got out, slightly flustered and disheveled, the others were talking, and it seemed Ilzo was trying to get Va’lyndra to touch his private parts. When Va’lyndra saw us, she suggested that I go out with Ilzo to hunt, today. Olivia forbade me from going, even when Leopold explained that they had been discussing ways to appease the skull, and which body parts Ilzo could live without. My jaw dropped. Was Ilzo really willing to chop off … that?! Va’lyndra and Ilzo left camp to go foraging again, and Leopold filled in Olivia and me on the conversation the others had begun last night. I thought cutting off anything was a bad idea, and said as much. Tattooing and branding was nearly as bad.

After a while, Olivia thought she heard someone calling, from the direction Ilzo had gone. She wanted me to check it out, so I skulked from tree to tree. I soon spotted a group of five boogeymen in the distance, and made my way towards them. They were going to miss our campsite if they didn’t change directions, so I just followed them to make sure. Of course, they changed course, turning almost straight towards Olivia.

I remained hidden and managed to shoot two of them before they spotted me. The others tried to flee, and I shot two more before losing sight of the last one. I expected him to go home and report, so I headed back towards the camp. A rustle in the bushes alerted me to an impending attack, so I dodged the arrow from the last boogeyman. I whirled around, drawing an arrow, but the boogeyman vanished behind a large tree about twenty meters away, before I could shoot. I circled the tree and fired as soon as I saw the boogeyman again, but I missed. He had drawn a knife and tried to rush me before I could draw again, but he veered off when he saw how fast I drew Scorchmark. I dashed after him and gave him a slash, but it didn’t cut deeply. Shocked by the burning blade, he forewent all though of defense and tried to stab me, but I slid fluidly around the thrust and gave him two rapid cuts across his chest.

I returned to camp and told Olivia and Leopold about the boogeymen, and the gnome instructed me to go back and cut the throats of the fallen foes, to make sure they were dead. I was only able to find two of them, so Leopold went out to search for the remaining three. He was wounded when he came back an hour later, for he had to fight two boogeymen on his foray. Luckily, he had been able to fight them one at a time, and they were both reeling from the arrow wounds I had inflicted earlier. The fifth had bled out when he found him, Leopold added while Olivia patched him up.

Va’lyndra came back not much later, and told us she had found a grove of fruit trees. I offered to help her gather up the fruit, but Olivia didn’t want to remain behind with only a wounded gnome scholar for protection, so she went in my stead. I warned Va’lyndra to take good care of Olivia. They brought horses and empty saddlebags to carry the load, but still took three trips to the grove, only stopping because we wouldn’t be able to bring more with us. We could return to the grove to refill our packs, when we were leaving this region. We decided to return towards the temple of the undead, tomorrow. Va’lyndra cast her dehydration spell on most of the fruit; she said it would keep longer, that way.

Thoughts on June 19th

We traveled back east again, today, taking a slightly different route. Va’lyndra and Leopold said we would be less likely to run into boogeymen if we did. They were right, for we didn’t see a single boogeyman all day. The heavy rain and the occasional thunder in the distance might have had something to do with it. I was glad to get inside our tent in the evening.

Thoughts on June 20th

Not much happened today. We continued eastwards in the rain, and made camp a few kilometers before the temple, according to Va’lyndra. Leopold claimed that the skull seemed less responsive than it was earlier. I thought that perhaps it had realized that Leopold was friendly with Ilzo, and decided not to talk to him either.

In three weeks, it’s Olivia’s birthday. I had hoped we’d be back in civilization by then, so we could do something fun, just the two of us, and get something good to eat. I guess I’ll have to think of some other way to celebrate her turning twenty-two.
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