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Default Re: GURPS T-Shirt Project Now on Kickstarter

Originally Posted by Dalin View Post
Oooh. I want to unlock a dungeon fantasy design. (Though the TFT ones do scratch that itch nicely.) Must pledge more!
I would kill for gladly pay for a Dungeon Fantasy and/or Dungeon Fantasy RPG design. I'm really surprised the latter didn't get any representation. Especially, if, on the back, it had a Powered by GURPS logo.

Or heck. A whole shirt for the Powered by GURPS logo. I'm definitely powered by GURPS. While I'm making wild requests, I'd love to see a tank-top option too.

I can hope and dream!

EDIT: Oh man, but that Basic Set shirt in yellow is awesome. That's easily my favorite as of right now!

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