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Default Session 31 (2020-02-22)

The main chamber spanned both floors, and the huge creature started climbing in through the hole, separating us from Va’lyndra. It shouted “Intruders!” in Common. I called Ilzo back, for he had started back down the stairs. Distracted, I missed the goblin I had been aiming for.

Va’lyndra emerged from the tower shaft, just behind the creature that I eventually learned was a troll. She cursed and started a spell dance. “Surrender or die!” the troll bellowed at us. Ilzo rushed past Leopold and me, heading for the troll, calling “Behind you!” as he passed. Leopold followed behind Ilzo towards the troll, leaving me to deal with the goblins that were coming up the stairs.

“If you don’t surrender, I’ll rip you to pieces!” the troll howled. Behind it, a goblin crashed into Va’lyndra’s floating shield. I fired an arrow at the troll, but missed. Ilzo struck out with Surkalpi and the troll tried to parry, but Ilzo’s deceptive attack slipped past the troll’s defense and gave it a deep gash, which it seemed to ignore. Leopold followed Ilzo, making sure to keep the orc between him and the troll.

“In that case, die!” the troll concluded. It tried to punch Ilzo, but missed. I turned my back on their fight and prepared to dodge. Even more goblins were coming up the stairs. I heard fighting sounds from behind, but had to trust my companions to deal with the troll.

Arrows zipped past me, and the swordsman swung at me, but missed. I drew Scorchmark and gave him a slash, felling him. Leopold returned to my side, and I learned later that he had shot a sand jet at the troll, temporarily blinding it, although it still managed to land a couple of blows on Ilzo.

I stabbed the next goblin to approach, but the one who followed was quick with his shield. Leopold lashed out with his own long knife, but his attack was blocked, too. Two arrows came from the side, one missing and one bouncing off Leopold’s armor. Leopold and I were slowly backing away from the goblins, and I heard that Ilzo and the troll approached us from behind. I felt my back was in danger. I considered doing an acrobatic maneuver, vaulting over the goblins in front of me so I could stand in the entrance to the tower, but just as I was about to execute, more goblins poured out of the tower; if more followed, I’d be surrounded.

Va’lyndra called for me to come to her. I made a last parry before leaving Leopold to deal with the goblins. He’s relatively unskilled when it comes to fighting, so Va’lyndra had better have a good plan. I cut the troll with Scorchmark as I passed it, and it howled in pain, for the first time. It seemed it had a weakness for fire, but Va’lyndra hadn’t had time to tell me about it, nor did she want to risk shouting when that might cause the troll to turn on her. I could see that Ilzo had carved it up good with Surkalpi, but those wounds were slowly closing, and the orc was reeling from his injuries, on the verge of collapsing. With no thought for defense, Ilzo made a frantic attack on the troll, which crashed to the ground.

Va’lyndra held out an arrow to me and told me to use it on the troll if it moved again. She was completely ignoring the goblin behind her, and the swordsman gave her a deep cut in the back of her unprotected neck, the magic shield just too slow to block the attack.

The goblins swarmed around Leopold, and several of them attacked Ilzo from behind, going after his feet, which weren’t covered by his armor. I dropped Scorchmark to grab Va’lyndra’s arrow, watching Ilzo turn around and cleave one of the goblins in two. He called for Leopold to get behind him, and Leopold moved wisely there. I put the arrow in my mouth and grabbed hold of Scorchmark again, the magic weapon leaping into my hand.

The goblins kept cutting at Ilzo’s legs, drawing more blood, but the orc’s countering whirlwind attack felled all three who hadn’t started for the stairs when the troll went down. Va’lyndra summoned an ice dagger.

The one who had cut Va’lyndra’s neck tried the same with me, foregoing defense in order to focus on hitting the relatively small target. My smooth acrobatic dodge caused the sword to clang into the stone wall, the force of the blow ripping it from the goblin’s hand. I showed the goblin how it’s supposed to be done, Scorchmark slashing and burning his throat at the same time. I left the goblin to pass out behind me and raced forward to stab the troll. I saw that blue patches were growing on its skin, and tried to tell the others, but I had an arrow between my teeth, so what came out was rather unintelligible. Va’lyndra turned around to ask what I was saying, and I repeated “Color!” as I chopped into the troll’s neck. Its wounds were closing, so I thought it would be wise to take off its head and dump it in the sea behind the temple.

Ilzo tried to follow the fleeing goblins down the stair, but tripped and fell. I kept sawing at the troll’s neck, and Va’lyndra told me to attack the green pieces of its skin. The neck was green, so I continued my grisly work. Leopold informed us that the goblins were sprouting new goblins. I looked over and saw him cutting at a misshapen form growing from a fallen goblin.

Ilzo came back up the stairs and collapsed against a wall, just as I finished cutting through the thick troll neck. I removed the arrow from my mouth and asked if anyone should give him a healing potion. Va’lyndra quaffed one herself first, and then moved over to help the orc.

Leopold shouted that we had to stop the goblins, for they were fleeing with the relic. He ran for the stairs, but I leaped down to the ground level through the hole in the wall, where the troll had climbed in from the main room. Four goblins were running away, over the courtyard, but I put an arrow in the one who carried the relic, which crashed onto the paving stones. Two of the goblins fled in panic, but the third picked up the relic, so I gave him an arrow, too. I explained to Leopold when I returned with the stone statue that “Those scratches were already there.”

The two small rooms near the troll corpse held four goblins who were tied to the wall. Leopold tried to speak with them, but discovered they shared no language with him. Simple gestures were enough to convey the message that they wanted us to free them, which we weren’t eager to do. They could be hostile, and our main fighter was out cold. We decided to return to the temple later, to search it thoroughly once Ilzo had had a few more healing potions. We could delay dealing with the captives until then.

Once Ilzo was awake, we returned to camp. Va’lyndra brought the troll head, but the horses were uneasy in its presence, so she left it a safe distance back. I washed the troll goo off my arm while telling Olivia what happened back at the temple. Then it was time for lunch.
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