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Originally Posted by pup67vargr View Post
As an alternative sickbay placement, please consider these options:

1. A partitioned-off section of "24. Passenger Area,"
2. A partitioned-off section of "10. Special Cargo,"
3. Theoretically, "9. Low Berths" could double as sickbay,
4. A partitioned-off portion of "11. Upper Cargo."

[My personal suggestion is number 3, but my choice is entitled to no special weight above anyone else's.]

Any of these or another place on the ship could also be used without partitions separating "sickbay" from neighboring areas. I just thought that a little more privacy might be in order.

Another alternative would be to conduct examinations as "house calls" in the patient's stateroom, with medical supplies being kept in the 'Doc's' quarters or ship's stores or possibly both. Without some additional expenditure of funds, whatever ersatz sickbay the Hiawatha has is not going to have extensive diagnostic equipment. That includes: no x-rays, etc., and no sterile areas for surgery more extensive than small procedures that could be performed in any doctor's office.
I'm down for it being #3, the low berth area. It kind of makes sense because the low berths are supposed to be monitored by someone with medical training during transit anyway.
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