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Default Re: [OOC] The Voyages of "The Hiawatha" [Hero Class] : GURPS Traveller

Placeholder reply to your question so the Q and the A are closely connected in the thread. I'll copy/paste the stats from home tonight. The thing that makes it 'smart' is weight-saving technology in the life support equipment that reduces weight and cost (at the expense of DR, if I recall correctly).
Nanoweave Suit: DR 18/6*, LC3, coverage: all, weight 8 lbs., cost $1200
Nanoweave Gloves: DR 9/3*, LC4, Coverage: Hands, Weight: neg., Cost: $30
Smart Vacc Suit: "An improved civilian vacc suit design using advanced nano-catalytic systems to reduce the life support system’s bulk. The suit has built-in biomedical sensors (p. 187). It is sealed with the addition of a vacc suit helmet (p. 180), providing climate control (-459 F to 250F) (p. 171), pressure support (p. 171) up to 10 atmospheres, radiation protection (PF 2) (p. 171), and vacuum support (p. 171). A vacc suit takes 30 seconds to put on or take off, though this time can be halved with a successful Vacc Suit skill roll."
DR 6, LC4, Weight 15, Power: 2C/36 Hours, Cost: $5000, 12 hour air supply, extensible with air tanks

Can't find the rules on repair kits. It does say that repairs to equipment that has lost more HP than it has require spare parts == 1d6*10% the base cost.

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