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Originally Posted by pup67vargr View Post
If you have questionable items on your equipment list, please specifically mention them here and get approval first, ok? Nice try, but you can't shift the burden of proof to the GM by saying 'Hey, you never told me I couldn't have this nuclear whiz-bang gadget!' I'm telling all players right now that anything not on the list of commonly available items needs to be given prior approval, or said item is quite apt to vanish mid-voyage.
Right. I looked over my list and the only things I see are:
Smart Vacc Suit w/ Flexible Space Helmet
Nanoweave suit and gloves.

The Smart Vacc Suit is TL10, I picked it because it's light-weight and 1/2 the cost of the TL9 Civilian Vacc Suit. The flexible Space Helmet I picked just because it was cheaper (1/4 the price a normal space helmet). The Nanoweave is just TL10 ballistics cloth. Are those items ok?

skivvies are one thing, but there will likely be no assumptions made about that extra box of ammo that you intended to get but never actually mentioned getting.
Right, obviously no ammo. I'm thinking things you and I have laying around the house but we didn't buy on the character sheet. As a more likely in-game example, I didn't purchase a pen or pencil (or paper for that matter), but if I'm on the ship and need to take DTF format notes, I'd like to assume those are accounted for in the 80%. The only thing I can think of having a combat utility that would be like that is batteries, and most civilian devices use AA to B sized batteries, while weapons use C batteries. But I'm perfectly content with itemizing those, given their importance in an Ultratech setting.
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